The company’s name TRIAD is originated from the concept of triadic colour scheme(3 colours) and tonal harmony(3 notes) in music, which reflects the
concept of carefully balanced. It also has the meaning of keeping balance of consciousness, unconsciousness and self-image. Besides,`TAMASHI`(soul)
is attached to TRIAD and it keeps reminding me that `one creator was born when things once started`.

Throughout the entire group businesses that are developed in Japan and Australia, we are able to start focusing on `social design` in order to
continue to be the rich earth beyond time. As the UN has implemented the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development in 2016, we set 17 goals and
169 target groups for ourselves to achieve until 2030.

We create flow of innovations and ideas through improving our imagination and creativity, together with open and highly transparent communication.
We work together with civil society, business, politics and various sectors to eliminate the concepts of developed and developing countries.
We share the common vision with the international community and aim of becoming a prosperous and sustainable future without leaving anybody behind.
Beyond generations and borders, realize what is really essential from now, join the simulation game to experience `one world` and we all share valuable

The Japan Chamber of Commerce and Industry has a worldwide network. For example, The Japanese Association is holding various activities among Japanese
communities over different regions. Besides, in cooperation with those communities, `Japan Town` or `Japan Street` is being formed all over the world
and I would say that they are achieving one of the goals of the UN 2030 Agenda.

No doubt, Japanese always show their high potential, high cooperativeness and `never give up` spirit at all time, no matter they are suffering from natural
disaster or participating in the Rugby World Cup. They all work very hard and perform their best.

`Japan Town` or `Japan Street` is the important hub to connect to the world and increase globalization.

If one day, we can just use all our five senses to explore this world, then Japanese can touch different values and it would be a good chance for us to
reconsider our inner and outer voice. I believe that a peaceful world will come soon.  

The bipolar view of the world seems to become an issue and it is distorting all categories, I feel that it is not easy to remain neutral. If we look at things
at a little different perspective, we can feel the joy and enjoy a fruitful life. Take sports as an example, everyone can express their emotion, no matter cry
and laugh through joining, watching and supporting sports. It is something beyond the competition’s rules, sports will make people moved and people can share values.
Just the same as music.

I think that the concept and position of `Rule=Ethics` and `Competition=Morality` is changing nowadays and this make human society hard to live.

And now we have reached the turning point, we are participating actively to preserve the balance aspect from the unstable situation of points and lines and we
grow into the sphere from the most ideal circle. Feel things by the five senses and intuition with moderate thought and by pure heart is our company’s philosophy.
This also matches our company slogan, `OMOSHIROI in form`. The development of `Japan Town` or `Japan Street` makes people keep the conversation going and the
smiling face overflowing, no matter which generations and borders.

The concepts of `model` and `space & communication design` is easy understandable for everyone and it would be my honour to make use of the concepts to
enrich the future earth.